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Most flat feet and high arched feet fall within a spectrum of normal variation. However, some people with these foot types develop pain and other symptoms. Should this occur, it is important to understand the cause if an effective treatment is to be recommended. The foot is a complex biomechanical structure. Often the cause of a painful flat foot or high arched foot is rooted in the altered biomechanics seen in these foot types. Fellowship-trained foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon Richard de Asla, MD, has published research and book chapters on the subject of foot and ankle biomechanics. He and the team at his practice in Naples, Florida, proudly offer nonoperative measures as well as foot reconstruction for symptomatic flat feet and high arches. To see if you're a candidate for treatment, call the office to make an appointment today.

Foot Reconstruction Q & A

What is foot reconstruction?

Foot reconstruction employs a variety of bone, ligament, and tendon orthopedic surgical techniques to correct painful or debilitating foot and ankle deformities. The goal of foot reconstruction surgery is to improve functionality to your foot or ankle lost due to the deformity. 

Are there different types of foot reconstruction?

Flat foot reconstruction  

Most adult-acquired flat foot deformities (also called a planovalgus deformity) occur as a result of damage to your posterior tibial tendon. Over time, this degeneration causes the arch of your foot to collapse and the foot to pronate. 

Some flatfoot deformities occur as a result of neuropathy or a prior trauma. Left unmanaged, a collapsed arch may cause arthritis of the  ankle, worsening pain, and disability. 

Flatfoot surgery employs a combination of bone, ligament, and tendon procedures to help restore the arch, realign the foot, and reduce symptoms. Dr. de Asla is an experienced foot and ankle fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon and Arthrex® consultant. He is trained and practiced in the latest thinking on flatfoot reconstruction. 

Flatfoot reconstruction is complex and best treated by fellowship-trained orthopedic foot and ankle surgeons.

Cavus foot reconstruction for high arches

Cavus foot reconstruction is a type of foot reconstruction surgery used to treat symptomatic high arched feet (called acavus or cavovarus foot). Some high arched feet are inherited, while others can be the result of a neuromuscular condition. 

During this type of surgery, Dr. de Asla corrects your high arches using a combination of bony and soft tissue techniques. The goal is to preserve joint motion, reduce pain, and improve stability. 

What type of foot reconstruction surgery is right for me?

To determine the type of foot reconstruction you'll benefit from most, or to get a second opinion, make an appointment with Dr. de Asla. 

Following a review of your medical history, discussion of your goals for treatment, and physical exam, Dr. de Asla can make recommendations that align with your individual needs. That said, if possible, Dr. de Asla usually recommends conservative, nonsurgical treatments first. 

What is recovery like following foot reconstruction surgery?

Complex foot and ankle reconstruction often requires lengthy recoveries. All patients are seen in the office just prior to their procedure to discuss the pre and post-surgery instructions and review what can be expected during the recovery course. 

Dr. de Asla’s highly experienced team is instrumental in coordinating patient office and physical therapy appointments, providing information about helpful or necessary medical equipment, completing any necessary paperwork, and ensuring timely callbacks.

To learn more about the benefits of foot reconstruction surgery, or to get a second opinion, make an appointment with Richard J. de Asla, MD, by calling the office today. 

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