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Our Approach to Patient Care

Dr. Richard de Asla’s team has over 40 years of combined foot and ankle orthopedic experience gained from some of the most recognized medical institutions in the country such as the Massachusetts General Hospital, Johns Hopkins and the Hospital for Special Surgery. His continued involvement in industry consulting, international medical journal review and medical publishing place him at the center of current thinking in his subspecialty and supports an evidence-based philosophy to patient care. 

Dr. de Asla’s “old fashioned” approach values listening to, educating and empowering patients to make informed decisions concerning their care.  Patients will find his veteran team to be accessible, knowledgeable and diligent in coordinating and supporting their care plan needs. Together, Dr. de Asla and his team strive to make every patient feel that the care they received could not have been better anywhere else.

When to see Dr. de Asla

Ankle or foot trauma (sprains, muscle strains, Lisfranc injuries, fractures, dislocations)

Foot and ankle sports injuries

Ankle or foot arthroscopy

Achilles tendon problems (tendonitis, tendonosis, ruptures, pain)


Hammertoes and other toe deformities

Morton’s neuroma

Arthritic conditions of the foot & ankle

Foot & ankle fusion procedures

Ankle replacement

Diabetic ulcers

Charcot Arthropathy

Adult acquired flatfoot deformity

Foot & ankle deformity reconstruction

Peroneal tendon, posterior tibial tendon, tibialis anterior tendon issues

Charcot Marie Tooth disease

Slap foot gait

Painful high arched feet

Foot, toe and below knee amputations

Revision foot or ankle surgeries

Second opinions concerning foot or ankle surgery

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